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Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing involves identifying, engaging, and supporting individuals who can create meaningful conversations around your brand. It’s a digital marketing activity that marketers are increasingly interested in. With heavy investment comes high optimism in the benefits of influencer marketing. 

Marketers GetCRAFT surveyed in the Philippines and Indonesia placed influencer marketing high in their priority list. Influencer marketing for them is a bigger priority than email marketing, paid search, and especially display ads, which have slid to the bottom of digital priority lists.

The rise of this approach indicates that brands now realize the value influencer marketing, especially how they their messages need to cut through the digital clutter. The use of ad blockers is rising globally, and even those who don’t really use ad blocking software on their devices are nonetheless likely to avoid banner ads.

Why influencer marketing works

One of the benefits of influencer marketing is that it lets you work around ad blocking and increase the possibility that your target audience will listen to your messages. Through influencer marketing, you tap on the audience of social media personalities, working with them as if they were mini publishers.

Social media influencers have accumulated their huge following for a reason, whether popularity, credibility, or expertise. Influencer marketing allows you to ride on that popularity, credibility, or expertise to create high-impact conversations around your brand.

Among the oft-cited reasons for doing content marketing, the most compelling is the fact that consumers are far more likely to believe what influencers say than if you say it yourself. Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising Report reveals that 83% of consumers trust opinions of people they know.

Such a figure used to be linked only to word of mouth. But is it not true that the explosion of the internet and social media make it seem as if we know people we haven’t really in person? Celebrities who used to be so distant now interact with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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Cost of influencer marketing

Apart from effectiveness, cost is also one of the benefits of influencer marketing. While it is true that the cost of engaging with influencers tends to increase as their followers increase, our experience has shown us that cost per view also decreases the bigger the following.

Besides, we at GetCRAFT believe that there’s an influencer for every objective. If you’re after awareness, for example, it makes sense for you to use mega- or macro-influencers, usually celebrities or social media personalities whose followers come in hundreds of thousands to millions.

If you’re after engagement, on the other hand, we recommend working with micro-influencers. Their following may be limited, but they are often considered to be thought leaders, and they are more likely to engage with their audiences. They are also great for targeting niche markets.

It also doesn’t hurt that influencers usually create content themselves. Cost is also one of the benefits of influencer marketing. The cost of engaging with influencers includes both content production and distribution. Not only does it reduce cost; it also makes running campaigns a lot easier.

Do you think influencer marketing will work for your brand? What business objectives do you think can influencer marketing help drive? Chat with us if you want to learn more about influencer marketing and all the campaigns you can run with these content powerhouses.

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