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Manila Marketers Meetup

Likes to Leads: How to Craft Effective Social Media Campaigns for 2020

By GetCraft


Ready to level up your social media marketing game for 2020?

Every month, GetCraft hosts the Manila Marketers Meetup where marketers and experts from various fields talk about trends, opportunities, and challenges in marketing. Recently, we’ve had experts from Google PH, and PJB to talk about how to plan for 2020 marketing campaign.

This October 29, we would like to dive into social media, focusing on how you can effectively leverage it. We hope to share some case studies and content planning tools to aid marketers in planning their social media that will translate to clicks, likes, shares, and sales!

Join this Month's Manila Marketers Meetup to find out how you can craft effective social media campaigns for 2020!


Likes to Leads: How to Craft Effective Social Media Campaigns for 2020

29 October 2019, Tuesday, 3-6 P.M.

11F, KMC, Net Quad Building, 30th Ave., BGC


Questions we will answer:

  1. Should I still create content around trend jacking?
  2. How frequent should I post?
  3. How can I establish trustworthiness on social media?
  4. How can I use hyper-targeted content to reach customers?
  5. Should I try social commerce?
  6. How can I leverage niche platforms to connect with my audience?
  7. Should I invest in experiential marketing (AR and VR)?


***Disclaimer: While advertised in PHP, ticket payments will be billed in Singapore Dollars to enable credit card transactions.


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