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Malaysia Digital and Content Marketing Report 2018

GetCraft’s Malaysia Digital & Content Marketing Report 2018 reveals that marketers are investing more on digital this year than in 2017.

This is not surprising, considering that Malaysia is unstoppably growing as a digital economy, with some two-thirds of its 32 million-strong population now online.

This rapidly expanding digital community is also the target market for brands, who want to tap into the driving force behind the Malaysian economic upturn.

Yet there are still symptoms of reluctance to invest in digital. We attribute this partly to the fact that many of the marketers we surveyed also admit that they are still unclear on digital strategies.

The main challenges Malaysian marketers face in doing digital marketing include establishing and sustaining engagement; skills and resources gaps; and budget restraints.


The Malaysia Digital and Content Marketing Report 2018 is based on GetCraft’s survey of some 50 marketers across industries around the country. We also gathered insights from key interviewees to shed light on the results of our survey.

This report hopes to provide marketers in Malaysia with industry trends and benchmarks that can guide them in making decisions about their digital and content marketing campaigns.

By explaining the results of the GetCRAFT survey, this report ultimately provides marketers action points that will help them achieve better results as they ride Malaysia’s digital revolution.

Here are our key findings from the Malaysia Digital & Content Marketing Report 2018:

  • A third of total media budgets in Malaysia will go to digital ads in 2018
  • Two in every five marketers are unsure about their digital strategy
  • Building and maintaining audiences are key challenges for digital marketers
  • Social media is deemed the most effective and important digital channel
  • Content marketing is the most exciting digital opportunity for marketers
  • Brand awareness is the main objective in doing content marketing
  • Budget and measuring performance are key challenges
  • Most brands do content marketing in-house


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